Come and make your career with us!

KALDEWEI was founded in 1918, and today the fourth generation of the family is committed to combining steel and enamel with passion. At its base in Ahlen in Westphalia, KALDEWEI manufactures products that are exported all over the world. It is this worldwide presence that makes KALDEWEI an international employer. Worldwide we need professional talents who can showcase our products and our understanding of quality into the whole world.

So it is hardly surprising that applicants who speak a foreign language and have experience of living and working abroad will be welcome in Ahlen to incorporate what they have learned at university or the professional experience they have gained so far in their work. We also need talented individuals for our home base who like to think outside the box, and who are totally committed to what they do.

Whether as a member of technical staff or someone with strategic farsightedness in the commercial sector, we will immediately give you plenty of responsibility and lots of exciting things to do.